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Collaborative Projects

Composing Your Project Announcement
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Now that you have researched the content for your project, you are ready to write your detailed project description. On this page you can download a worksheet to record your project announcement. This announcement should be sent one month or more before the project actually begins.

Adobe Acrobat Reader Microsoft Word

download PDF:
Project Announcement

You must have this installed before you can download and read this file.

download Word document:

Project Announcement

Project Title: _________________________________________________

Curriculum Area: ________________________ Topic: ______________________

Project Summary:
(describe in 50 words or less what students will learn in this project)


Beginning date for project: ________________

Ending date for project: ________________

Communications technology used in this project:

CUSee Me or Other Video Conferencing Net Meeting or Other Sharing
Email Web Based Discussion Forum
IRC or Other Real-Time Chat Other _______________

How teachers can sign up for this project:

Teacher email address: _______________ Name of teacher: _______________

School Name: _________________________________

City: ________________ State/Province: ______________ Nation: __________

Registration begin date: ____________________________

Registration end date: ___________________________

Types of participants that can join:

Number of participating classrooms wanted: ____________

Participant age range: _____________

Where participants are from:

Anywhere National (your country)
Regional (state/province) International: (2 or more countries)

Project URL: _________________________________________

Full Project Description:





Project Objectives and Desired Project Outcomes:


Special registration information and instructions:



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