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Collaborative Projects

Evaluate Project Description
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Before you publish your project announcement on the Internet, have a colleague proofread it. Use the check list provided on this page to evaluate the content.

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Project Checklist

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Project Checklist

Project Title: ______________________________________________

Curriculum Area: ________________ Topic: ____________________

Check: Notes:
Project title is interesting and clearly reflects the activity.  
Clear project summary describes what students will learn in 50 words or less (approximately 255 characters long)  
Goals and objectives for student learning are clearly stated.  
Timeline for project is clearly stated (includes all important deadlines including initial contact, registration, delivery of materials,...)  
Information to be exchanged during project is clearly stated.  
Method of project's information exchange is clearly stated  
Required technologies needed to complete this project are clearly stated.  
Number of participants that can join this project is clearly stated.  
Targeted audience for exchanging information is clearly identified.  
If project is on the Internet, the URL is included.  
Detailed project description is included.  
Required contact information to join the project is clearly stated (email address/name of contact person/school name/age of students/city/state,...)  
Who participants can contact for more information is clearly stated.  
Assessment measures the learning outcome and learning outcomes restate the learning standards.  


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