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Collaborative Projects

Develop an Idea
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Now that you've participated in a few projects, having your students help you design a collaborative project can be an educationally rewarding activity. Involving your students in the beginning steps can be an engaging activity that requires higher order thinking.

Follow these 2 steps which will help you develop your idea for a collaborative project.

1. Read these tips

Here are some tips to consider as you begin developing your idea for a collaborative project.

Tips for Developing Your Idea

  1. Have your students begin developing the project idea at least 1-2 months before you intend to announce it.
  2. Pick a topic that you are familiar with and that appeals to students. Allow the students to have some decision-making in the topic and/or what they would like to learn about this topic.
  3. Collaborative projects should be mutually beneficial to all participants...how will learning be enhanced for your particpants?
  4. Clearly identifying learning goals and expectations, activites that target the learning goals, and how this information will be shared with all participants will help ensure a successful project.

2. Download this activity sheet

This activity sheet is designed for educators but can be adapted by the teacher for students. Download this activity sheet to record your pre-planning thoughts for a collaborative project.

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download PDF:
Developing an Idea

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download Word document:

Developing an Idea

Follow these steps:

  1. Will this enable our class to do something we couldn't do before?
  2. Will this enable our class to do something we could do before, but better?

Project Title: _____________________________________________

Curriculum Areas: ___________________ Topic: _______________

  1. Select a topic that you would like to know more about and record it in the blank above.
  2. Write a question about your topic. Your question should begin with one of the following:
    1. Why? (Analysis: Why do things happen the way that they do?)
    2. How? (Problem Solving: How could things be made better?)
    3. Which? (Decision Making: Which do I select?)
1. Record a question about your topic.



2. Restate the question into a statement that describes what students will learn in 50 words or less (approximately 255 characters).



  1. Identify the curriculum area(s) and record it in the blank above.
  2. Select a project title that is interesting and clearly reflects this activity.
  3. Use as many "Assessing Student Knowledge" worksheets as you need to record:
    1. learning standards (reference number of state learning standard)
    2. learning objective (matches the learning standard)
    3. activity description (how student learning will achieve learning standard)
    4. assessment (measures how well student learning achieves the learning standard)


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