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Collaborative Projects

Forsee Possible Problems
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Every project has its own unique set of problems. Internet failure, local area networks suddenly offline, local natural disasters, vanishing files, unknown file types are sent, students move...this list goes on and on. Identifying as many possible problems and solutions in advance will better your project's success-rate.

Consider these
Possible Problems & Solutions

Participants send unknown file types to me
Suggested Solution
  1. Clearly state in the project description as well as in the follow-up communication what software program to use when gathering, organizing, and sharing the information. If they said that they used this program, try renaming the file extension.
  2. If they said they are using the correct program and you tried renaming the file extension and the file still won't open, then ask them what version of software they are using. They may be using a newer version of that software. Ask them to save it in an older version.
  3. Post a Frequently Asked Question (FAQ) page that clearly describes the process for sending files.
  4. Purchase software programs that can convert files so that you can open them (ask your systems operator for help).
Participants send huge graphic files.
Suggested Solution
  1. Download your email daily so that your email program doesn't become so full that it refuses more mail.
  2. Have a graphics software program that can resize images.
Participants dropout or don't send their information on time.
Suggested Solution
  1. Plan that this will happen. In fact, the more participants involved with this project, the more likely that this will occur (Murphy's Law).
  2. Design your project in such a way that your entire project will still be a success even if some classes drop out or are late sending their information.


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