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Collaborative Projects

Required Technology
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Identify what technologies your students and collaborative partners will need in order to complete this project.

1. Download this Worksheet

Adobe Acrobat Reader Microsoft Word

download PDF:
Required Technology

You must have this installed before you can download and read this file.

download Word document:

Required Technology

2. Brainstorm as a Group

Using the worksheet, have your class identify what technologies will be needed to complete this project. In some cases it is helpful to know not only the kind of hardware or the title of the software program, but what model number or software version you will be using.

Host class should consider these questions. If the answer is yes then this information needs to be included in the project description and the requirements for joining your project:

  1. Do participants need specific technology to complete this project?
  2. Does it make a difference what software program and version or hardware all participants are using when they gather, organize, and share information?
  3. Does it make a difference whether or not all participants are using the same computer platform (e.g. pc or mac) or video connection?
1. What technologies will you use to gather the information?
Examples could include digital cameras, Internet connection, science tools, literature, websites, etc.
Technology Host Needs Technology Participant Needs




2. What technologies will you use to organize information?
Examples could include word processing, databases, spreadsheets, etc.

Technology Host Needs Technology Participant Needs



3. What technologies will you use to share information?
Examples could include web pages, email, HyperStudio, PowerPoint, online cameras, etc.
Technology Host Needs Technology Participant Needs




4. Will you need any additional software or hardware to convert or modify information that you receive?

Technology Host Needs




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