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Designing Your School Web Site

Designing Your School Web Site

Finding a Web Host
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For some schools, finding a web server that will host your school web pages may be a new issue for you. This page offers suggestions on where you can begin looking for a place to publish your school web pages.

There are several places that will host your school web site. Some will do this for free while others will charge you for the space you use. For an additional price, some will offer you extra services such as web resource tools which will help you build dynamic content for your site.

Whatever resource you use, you should avoid using web servers that force you to display non-educational banners or advertisements. Some of these banners may display material that is inappropriate for students to visit or they may be trying to sell products or services that students and parents don't want.

Educational Resource Center
If you are a member of the Educational Resource Center sponsored by your state department of education, they may have a web server that you can use to host your school's web site.
Internet Service Provider
Your Internet Service Provider will usually offer their members limited space on the web server. Contact your Internet Service Provider and see how much web server space they will give you.
Hosted by FamilyEducation.com, a MySchoolOnline.com web site is a powerful, interactive tool for connecting school and home. Use your site to extend the walls of your classroom and keep parents involved. Using their secure web Create Tools, you can invite others to participate in creating the site. The more information you include, the more valuable a resource your site becomes.
Visit their "Site Pick of the Month" to see examples of schools using their resource to create a site.
For a small fee, you can host your web site. Visit these examples for school sites created at Homestead:
Mrs. Turner's First Grade
Mrs. Dingman's Third Grade
School Center provides web-based tools that will assist teachers and administrators in providing customized web pages to suit your needs or taste. Post homework assignments and special events. School Center requires no knowledge of HTML, FTP or any other programming language. Visit "Get a Quote" to find price for school or district pricing.
Visit these examples for school sites that are using this service:
Murphysboro School District
Anoka-Hennepin School District


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