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Designing Your School Web Site

Designing Your School Web Site

School Publishing Policies
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IMPORTANT! Before publishing information created by students and teachers, you should address what your publishing policies will be for your school. Publishing guidelines are local decisions that your school corporation should make. One suggestion for doing this is to create a committee made up of students, parents, teachers that represent each grade level, and administrators that will study, create, and propose the school policy for publishing information on the Internet.

As you develop your policies, be sure that you address the following issues:

  • Who will be responsible for designing this web site?
  • Who will determine that the content of these pages is appropriate for a school web site?
  • What policies do you want to make regarding external links to pages outside of your resources?
  • What people will have access to the web server and who will be responsible for uploading information to the server?
  • Who will be responsible for maintaining this web site?
  • What guidelines will you use for publishing information written by students?
  • What guidelines will you use for publishing information written by staff?

Visit these sites to see other schools' publishing policies:

Hillsboro, Oregon: School District Web Publishing Policy
Pekin Public School Web Publishing Policies
Gaston County Schools Publishing Policy


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