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Designing Your School Web Site

Designing Your School Web Site

Evaluate Other School Sites
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Now that you have an understanding of what to avoid in web design, fill out one of the website assessment rubrics downloaded in the previous page of this tutorial and use it to take a look at these award winning school and classroom websites. As you are exploring, create bookmarks of resource sites and examples of design that you want to incorporate into your webpage.

Next, follow these three steps to evaluate other school sites:

1. (optional) You may want to download and fill out the "Brainstorm Worksheet" to help you record who their targeted audiences are and what kind of information they have created for their audiences.

2. There are several questions you should ask as you view these school sites. Fill out the assessment rubrics and this list of questions as you critically evaluate these sites. Download this file and answer the following questions:

  1. What major content areas do they offer?
  2. What are the targeted audiences for their web site?
  3. Can you easily tell which of their pages are designed for the different targeted audiences?
  4. Do they include contact information on their home page as well as on their referring pages?
  5. Did you find any "orphan" pages?
  6. Do they use a common design and color theme throughout their site?
  7. Can you navigate easily from one content area to the next?
  8. How did this site use good design practices?
  9. What kind of interaction or feedback do they offer the different users (quizzes, feedback forms, message boards, etc.)?
  10. What makes this site rich in content?
Adobe Acrobat Reader Word for PC Word for MAC

download PDF:
Evaluate School Websites

You must have this installed before you can download and read this file.

download PC version Word 2000 document:
Evaluate School Websites

download PC version Microsoft Works 4:
Evaluate School Websites

download MAC version Word 2000 document:
Evaluate School Websites

3. Next, take a close look at these school web sites and fill out the evaluation forms as you critically review their content and design.

Or visit these classroom web sites to view and evaluate their content and design.



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