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Designing Your School Web Site

Designing Your School Web Site

Create a Storyboard
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Now that your school webteam has identified your targeted audiences and the content you are creating for them, the next step is to organize your information. This should be done using something that will allow you to move your information easily as you create a storyboard. You can use either concept mapping software that was suggested on the previous page in this tutorial or with post-it© notes.

Use these tips as you begin storyboarding your site:

1. Organize the content of your site so that similar content pages are found in the same section of your site. Follow these suggested steps:

  1. Have the school or classroom web team discuss and group information into similar categories.
  2. As a group, create a label for each category with a word or short phrase.
organize your content

2. Next, look at your storyboard and re-evaluate your categories.

  1. Discuss whether or not the grouped categories are too broad and should be divided into sub-categories.
  2. Discuss which of the categories may have information added in the future.
 KEY Future Growth
KEY Broad Category


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