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Designing Your School Web Site

Designing Your School Web Site

Adding Interaction to Your Site
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Now that you have written and edited your web pages, you can add more interactive features and additional resources to your website. Most of these resources can promote communication between students, teachers, and parents. There are two ways that you can add interactive features to your site.

1. Developing Interactive Resources on Another Server

There are web sites that offer you tools for creating interactive information without you needing to know how to code these into your web page. Usually you fill out a form and they will create the message board, mailing list, or other interactive information. All you need to do is to create a link to the resource on their server that they designed for you.

Free Find
Allows you to quickly add a powerful search engine to your Web site with no hardware or software to install.
This web site will help you set up your own mailing lists, guestbooks, form processors, greeting cards, hit counters, web counters, search engines, and MORE!
This is a free interactive web calendar hosting service, where you and anyone you choose can post events visible and printable.
Extreme Counting
Check out what they promise to deliver...much more than just counting web pages!
Form Site
Use this site to create professional looking and functioning, secure, database-backed HTML Forms.
Interaction, Games and Puzzles Web Resources
These links can help teachers and students design interactive resources that will encourage visitors to spend time on your site and return frequently.
Speak For Itself
This speech plug-in can speak out loud any visual and hidden text or database information, guide you through interactive applications ... even be able to turn 'read-me' files into 'hear-me' files.
Cool Surveys
Create polls for your website using this resource.
YahooGroups is a free email group service that allows you to easily create and join email groups. Email groups offer a convenient way to connect with others who share the same interests and ideas
Use this resource to create surveys and feedback forms.

2. Developing Interactive Resources on Your Server

These are web sites that will aid you in adding dynamic resources on your own web pages. You will need to know something about HTML coding to add this to your information.

Translate Your Website into Different Languages
You can install this software on your webserver so that visitors can translate your website into a number of different languages.
Time and Date
This web page will help you add clocks, dates, calendars, and even calculate how many days are in between two dates.


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