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Designing Your School Web Site

Designing Your School Web Site

Announcing Your Web Site
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Are you satisfied that your web page is as good as you want to make it? The next step is announcing your web page. "If you build it, they will come..." Well, with the Internet, you need to send out invitations to let the world know that you have this resource available. So, how in the World-Wide web of millions of web pages, can your webpage be found? There are 4 suggested ways that you can invite people to come and view your resources:

1. Invite the websites that you added links to on your site, to come and view your resources.

Remember the resource links that you included in your web activity? E-mail the sites that you pointed to in your activity and give them the web address of your activity and tell them how you are using a link to their website as part of your project. Invite them to come and see how you are using their resource. Without even mentioning that you'd appreciate a link on their website to your activity, many of them will voluntarily include a link back to you.

2. Submit your site to be indexed by search engines.

You can use free services that will submit your site to several search engines. Some suggested resource sites include:

Submit Plus Free Web Submission Add Me

3. Invite educational websites to review your resources.

You can announce your webpage or activity on an educational website. Some of these websites will create a link only to the homepage of a school or a classroom while others will create links to a lesson or activity. Look at the kinds of webpages they are pointing to, to see if your webpage or activity is appropriate for that educational website.

Blue Web'n
Register your lesson at this website.
Education World
Add your school to this ever growing database.
Global SchoolNet Projects Registry
Select the link to "Collaborative Projects" then follow the link to "Projects Registry."

4. Use an educational mailing list to invite people to come and view your resources.

One of the richest communication sources to find and announce projects is through an educational mailing list. Follow these two links to learn more about what is a mailing list, how to join a mailing list, and some etiquette manners you should observe.

Educational Mailing Lists
Follow this link to learn how to sign-up with a mailing list, how to respond to in a mailing list, and what are some etiquette guidelines to observe.
Join an Educational Mailing List
Here is a partial list of educational mailing lists that you can join. Many more are available which can be found by entering educational listserv© into a search engine.
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