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Searching is a CINCH!
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Helpful resource

Where in the WWW is it?
(Searching is a CINCH!)

Helpful Resource
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How helpful is this resource? Is the content rich?

This is the last step! Once you have determined whether or not the information being shared is hosted on a credible site and authored by a credible source, the next step is assess the how helpful is the information.

The following points will help you assess the validity and the richness of the content.
Credibility Assessment

1. determine if content is fact or opinion

Some of the steps that you can take to determine whether or not the content is fact or opinion are:

  • Does the content cite annotated resource links that were used when creating this information?
  • Does the content have limited advertising and the domain clearly states the reasons for presenting this information?
  • Does this resource include the name of the institution or organization hosting or funding this information?

2. check how current is the information

If the content is great, but it hasn't been updated or links are not working, you probably should search for more current information on your topic.

  • Does it state when this resource was created?
  • Does it state when this resource was last updated?
  • Have the links been checked recently?

3. discover who is linking to this information

By discovering what other web sites are linking to this information, this can help you determine whether or not the information is valid or unbiased. You can do this by typing in a keyword search engine the following phrase:

link:http://www.??????.??? (replace the question marks with the sites remaining URL)

4. consider how rich is the information

You can determine how rich the information is by comparing this resource with other similar resources on the Internet.

For a rubric to help you assess websites, go to the next page.

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