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Interactive Resources
Interactive Web Resources for Educators
The Internet is filled with resources educators and students can use to create interactive information such as puzzles, quizzes, games, treasure hunts and more - all of which can be generated online to enhance and support student learning. Come to this half-day workshop and explore these free online resources!

Interactive Web Resources for Educators

  1. Defining goals and expectations: What do you already know? What are your expectations?
    1. Definition of "interactive": "of or relating to a program that responds to user activity"
    2. Exploring websites that allow the teacher to have control over the information in which they or their students will use.
    3. For games that other users have developed, explore:
      1. Buddy2 Links for Kids
      2. Interactive Games for Students
      3. Online Calculators
  2. Exploring the resources that produce printable material:
    1. worksheet generator
    2. puzzle maker
    3. Personal Educational Press - free educational worksheets such as flashcards, game boards, and quizzes
    4. Classroom Materials Makers - rich with resources! Scroll to the bottom of the page to find resources that can generate: certificates, BINGO cards, lesson plan generator, time line generators, and more!
    5. Teachnology - use the category "Teaching Tools" to explore all of these resources
  3. Exploring assessment resources:
    1. article on assessing projects
    2. RubiStar - generate quality rubrics for any project
    3. QuizStar - robust assessment that allows you to create quizzes that students can take online. Students log-in by using:
      1. UN: buddy01 to buddy30
      2. PW: letmein
    4. The Writing Site - gain confidence with ISTEP+ holistic writing assessment; select "Practice Scoring"
  4. Exploring resources created by instructors that produces material that is saved on the remote server. People can access it later, to interact with or view information:
    1. worksheet web page - create a one page web resource that has hyperlinks to your selected sites
    2. Track Star - a starting point for online lessons and activities where you collect Web sites, enter them into TrackStar, add annotations for your students, and you have an interactive, online lesson called a Track
    3. What2Learn - use Flash to create your own resources
  5. Exploring resources created by students that produces material that is saved on the remote server. People can access it later, to interact with or view information:
    1. Poster Project

Reference Links

  1. Buddy2 – http://www.buddyproject.org
  2. Buddy Teaching and Learning Center – http://www.btlc.org
  3. Designing web sites - http://www.tammypayton.net/courses/design/