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Meet Tammy Payton
Tammy Payton is an educational consultant with over twenty-five years experience as an educator. meet Tammy PaytonRecipient of the National Milken Educator award in 1998 and recognized as an exemplary educator by the Indiana General Assembly, Tammy has received other awards for her work with technology integration. She has worked with educators on the local, regional, state, and national levels on how to effectively implement technology with their curriculum. With practical experience in technology integration, Tammy's work has been extensively published both online and offline. Microsoft's Encarta, Franklin Science Museum and Blue Web'n are just a few websites where her work appears. Her online tutorials for technology integration are used extensively at the K-12 and college level.

For the last six years, one of Tammy's projects has been to design the web site for a technology program in Indiana called the Buddy2 Project. Active since 1988, this project's goal is to extend the learning of students beyond the school day. Under her direction, this website has become a popular website for educators and parents to find help for integrating technology with classroom curriculum and how to strengthen ties between home and school. Educational websites that she has designed and is maintaining are:

Awards and Achievements
Franklin Institute Online Museum Educator 1998-2001
Milken National Educator Award 1998
Recognized by Indiana General Assembly as exemplary educator March 1999
Grand Prize winner in MS Encarta Lesson Collection, Abraham Lincoln, fall 1997
Loogootee West website downloaded by Classroom Connect for marketable CD-ROM
Blue Web'n Education Awards for: Rock Hounds, Something Fishy, & Abraham Lincoln
  • Created Loogootee Elementary West school website in 1996
  • Created project based lessons for Loogootee West elementary students
  • Facilitated Loogootee West teachers and students to create project based lessons
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  • Library Talk, Linworth Publishing, "More Than Just Key Pals," Jan/Feb 1999, p. 25-27.
  • Designed and maintains Buddy System Project website 1999-present
  • Designed and maintains The Writing Site website 2005-present
  • Designing a School Website online tutorial - on this site
  • Joining & Designing Collaborative Projects online tutorial - on this site
  • Integrating the Internet online tutorial - on this site
  • Searching Strategies online tutorial
  • LTTS, Indiana University, Integrate the Internet with K-2 Language Arts, 2001
  • Reading Online, A Professional Journey Through Multiple Literacies, Sept. 2000.
  • Created a CD for all legislators in Indiana showcasing how technology projects are facilitating student learning in Indiana, March 2001
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  • HECC, Indianapolis, Indiana, "Integrating Technology with the NETS"
  • Indiana Summer Institute Training, Plainfield, IN
Professional Activities
Research on Exemplary Internet Educators, Syracuse University, Dr. Don Leu, 1998-2000
Online Chat with Tickit Program Students, Indiana University
National Advisory Board for "Case Technologies to Enhance Literacy Learning"
Editorial Review Board for Reading Online, 2000-2004
Member of:
  • International Reading Association
  • International Society for Technology in Education
  • Association for Supervision and Curriculum Development
  • Association for Educational Communications and Technology