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Designing Your School Web Site

Designing Your School Web Site

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In 1995 my principal asked me if I would create a web page for our school. I had no idea what a web page was let alone a web site! But I began researching. This tutorial is the result of what I've learned from designing and maintaining my school's website. In 1999 I chose to retire from teaching and work as an educational consultant. Along with offering workshops, I've continued designing and maintaining educational websites:

The number of school web pages that are being published on the Internet is phenomenal! However, many of them lack style and content. This tutorial will offer you tips on how to build a school team that can design a content-rich, visually attractive web site for your corporation, school or classroom.

Click on School Web Team in the left-hand menu to continue the lesson. If you need to know more about this lesson, first select Objectives.


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