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Web Graphics
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Adding Graphics to your Site

Tips for Using Color
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Only 216 colors are what we call "browser safe." Browser safe colors mean that these colors look the same on whatever browser you use...whether Internet Explorer, Netscape or other browser software. You should limit the colors that you use to the 216 browser safe ones. So what colors are browser safe? It is those colors that are made out of pairs of CC, FF, 00, 33, 66 and 99.

Follow the links listed below to find out what these colors are, how to convert colors to hexidecimal numbers, and tips for testing the background color with your text and link colors.

All Browser Safe 216 Color Chart
You can view how your text colors can look against different background colors
HTML Background Color Selector
This is another page that you can use to test how well your background color and text look together. With this page you can also test how your link colors will look, too.
Hexed Online
Discover how to convert your colors from hexadecimal to decimals and RGB.
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