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Web Graphics
  Table of Contents
  General Tips
  Color Tips
  Saving Graphics
  Graphic Sites
  Online Generators
  Paint Shop Tips
  Photoshop Tips

Adding Graphics to your Site

Table of Contents
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Graphics can add aesthetic value to your site, if they are wisely used. This tutorial will offer you tips for file sizes, width and height value, coloring suggestions, where you can find reliable sources for graphics, and recommended software programs. Here is a description of the graphics help you will find in this tutorial:

General Tips
This page offers a general overview for the file size, colors to use, number of graphics to include on a page, and the use of animations.
Color Tips
This page includes web pages that you can visit which will show you what the 216 browser safe colors are, tool for converting hexidecimal color numbers to decimal color numbers, and a way that you can test how text and link colors look against different background colors.
How to Save Graphics
This page offers tips for saving graphics from web pages onto your hard drive so that you can use them in web page creations.
Recommended Graphic Sites
This web page not only offers you a recommended list of graphic sites you can use, but it also includes tips for crediting these graphic resources as well as tips for knowing whether or not this graphic site is itself credible.
Online Graphic Generators
There are web sites that will generate personalized buttons, banners, and animations for free! These are sites that offer a wide range of templates from which you can build these graphics for your site and will generate them for you real-time.
Paint Shop Pro Tips
This is a popular and affordable graphics program that you can purchase for web graphics editing and design. Here are resources that you can use to learn how to operate this software.
Adobe PhotoShop Tips
This is the best graphics editor on the market. Here are resources that you can use to learn how to operate this software.