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Web Graphics
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Adding Graphics to your Site

Saving Images
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One of the first steps for using images in your web page, is understanding how to save images you want to use on your hard drive so that you can insert them into your work. Before capturing images from the Internet, you need to consider the following:

  • Is this a reliable source for graphics? You should research each site that offers graphics for web use and make sure that the images you will be taking from that site is a reliable source. Some sites have created a catalog of images by capturing graphics without the creator or illustrator's permission. This is an infringement of their intellectual property. Never use graphics from sites that do not have clear ownership of that graphic.

  • Do you have permission to use this graphic? Many sites welcome the use of their graphics on web sites, but there may be some restrictions as to whom can use this graphic. Usually there is no charge for the use of graphics on non-profit organization sites and only a nominal fee for commercial web sites.

  • Does the creator of that graphic want a link back to their site? Read the terms that the owner of the graphic has for the  use of their images. Often the people who created that graphic require that a link back to them is included.

To save an image on your hard drive, follow these steps:

  1. Position your mouse arrow on top of the graphic that you have selected.
  2. Use the right click button on your mouse and choose "Save Picture"
 how to save images

3. Find the folder that you created on your hard drive for your web site and save the image in your graphics folder

 save image in graphics folder

4. Use lower case letters for naming your file. These images should be saved in gif or jpg format.

 img3.gif (6898 bytes)
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