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Searching is a CINCH!
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  Identify your Engine
  Narrow your Search
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  Search Engines

Where in the WWW is it?
(Searching is a CINCH!)


OK, you've heard that the World Wide Web has some great information, but whenever you try to find anything, you get 1,245,362 returns on your search! Not only that, but it's tough to decide which one is the best resource for your topic!

In this tutorial you will learn five simple steps to use whenever you are looking for information on the Internet. From developing your idea on what to search, selecting the best search engine, using these ideas to help you locate specific information, then assessing which resource has the best credibility and richest resource for the topic, you will soon be on your way to becoming savvy with searching techniques!

Download this sound file to discover how this course can help you: why this tutorial - 3.93MB
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