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Check out this tutorial on Designing Web Sites
Designing Web Sites
The number of school web pages that are being published on the Internet is phenomenal! However, many of them lack style and content. This tutorial will offer you tips on how to build a school team that can design a content-rich, visually attractive web site for your corporation, school or classroom. more info...
Evaluating and Using Print and Media Resources
One of the greatest challenges students face, is deciding whether the information is rich in content, knowing what is legal to use and how to avoid plagiarizing their work. more info...
Evaluate and Use Print and Media Resources
Check out this Collaboration Tutorial!
Collaboration Tutorial
This tutorial will guide you as you select collaborative learning activities, which you can join and will provide tips for designing and hosting your own. more info...
Mailing Lists
This a brief explanation of what are mailing lists, also known as Listservs©. Included in this short tutorial are communication tips and suggested educational mailing lists that you can join. more info...
discover what are mailing lists
Using Graphics on the Web

Using Graphics for the Web
Graphics can add aesthetic value to your site, if they are wisely used. This tutorial will offer you tips for file sizes, width and height value, coloring suggestions, where you can find reliable sources for graphics, and recommended software programs. more info...
PREscription Learning
Instructional design can be mind boggling at times. This model offers clear steps to help educators develop instruction. more info...
PREscription Design
Discover how searching is a CINCH!
Where in the WWW is it? (Searching is a CINCH!)
Have you ever experienced the frustration of a million returns when you're searching for information? Learn how searching can be a CINCH! more info...
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